17th February 2018

Text Transcript

Abi: “I’m bored (Lack of punctuation – no full stop)”

Annika: ” R u (Logograms – R = Are and u = you) now, me to I almost don’t want to go to sleep becoz (Unusual spelling- becoz = because) it’s school tomorrow”

Abi: “I just realised I planned to finish my English and I completely forgot whoops :’ ) (Emoticons – smiley/crying face) ookaaayyy (Repeated letters for emphasis) now I’m screwed lol (Acronym – lol = laugh out loud) alg (Contraction – alg = all good) it’s fine hahaha (Speech like interjection) noooo (Repeated letters for emphasis)

Abi: “Rip”

Abi: “Yeah same lololol (Repeated acronym for emphasis)

Me: “What english (Lack of capital letter) (Lack of punctuation – no full stop)

Abi: “; )”

Abi: “I never finished my Romeo thing in class    (Lack of punctuation) I’m really behind”

Abi: “Fudgicles (Made up words that give emphasis and meaning) I should probably do it but my parents would be like “what the heck u had 2 weeks bla bla (Speech interjection)” so I’m just gonna freak out to you slightly instead”

Me: “Ha me neither but I did get the quote down just not the notes”

Abi: “Ok”

Abi: “Well I’m biking to school tomorrow so I will just panic and do it in the library before school starts how bout (Slang but used in texting) it :’ )”

Me: “Haha ok”

Abi: “(Poo emoji) (Emoticon)

Me: “Oh what a lovely way to show your affection (Sarcasm)

Abi: “Believe me that is a great honour (Sarcasm)”

Me: “I feel honored (Sarcasm)

Abi: “(thumbs up) (Emoticon)

Abi: “Will meet u on field? (Ellipsis)

Me: “.b”

Abi: “No”

Abi: “:’ )”



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