Annika: “Abi you’re wrecking the field!”

Abigail: “Sorreee (Repeated sound for emphasis)”

Annika: “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Brianna: “Do you guys remember like (Verb filler), when they graffitied the field?”

Annika: “Yes!”

Abigail: “I wasn’t here for that.”

Annika: “Oh my god!”

Brianna: “It was so funny!”

Annika: “They like, didn’t they get fined or something?( Verbal filler )

Brianna: “They got like weedkiller.”

Abigail: “Oh yeah, didn’t they like spray it in the quad? Or on the field?

Annika: “Yeah they did some on the quad as well. ( Adjacency pairs – question then answer)

Brianna: “Yeah they got weedkiller and like, drew inappropriate things.”

Abigail: “Oh…”

Brianna: “It was quite funny.”

Annika: “Didn’t Mr Hose say they got fined or something?”

Abigail: “Yeah they probably did. Coz (Dialect – typical of youths around our area ) its like… bad stuff, what, what is it?”

Annika: “Yeah they had to, they had to re- like – ”

Brianna: “It cost a lot of money”

Abigail: “Huhuh (Filler). Wasn’t it a leaving prank or something?”

Annika: “Yeah”

Brianna: “Yea`h, I wonder what Jessie and Stirling -”

Abigail: “Oh, they banned all the pranks last year.”

Brianna: “Did they?”

Abigail: “And they said that if anyone like did any pranks they would get like ex -”

Brianna: “Well they can’t get expelled coz they’re leaving.”

Abigail: (interrupts Brianna at they’re) “Well, no, they, they would get a fine or s-something (Stuttering, shows a bit of hesitation or second-guessing) or rather (Brianna: “That sucks (Metaphor)“) I’m not really sure.”

Annika: “What did they do last year?”

Abigail: “They, they couldn’t do it last year coz there was a big punishment.”

Brianna: “That’s, not, really fair.”

Abigail: “They didn’t do anything they weren’t allowed.”

Annika: “You sure?”

Abigail: “Yeah”

Brianna: “Yeah they did?! Didn’t they?”

Abigail: “No coz Sam was gonna (Dialect – typical to youths in this area) do one but he couldn’t do it coz he would have got like a serious

Annika: (interrupts at “like”) “Has Sam left?!”

Abigail: “Yeah”

Annika: “Oh my god!”

Brianna: “He’s in year 13 last year.”

Abigail: “Yeah he moved yesterday.”

Annika: “Where’s he going?” (Brianna says simultaneously “Yesterday?”)

Abigail: “Or the, day before or something he’s going to um, (Filler) Canterbury.”

Brianna: mumbles unidentifiable sound

Annika: “Oh cool.”

Abigail: “Engineering.”

Annika: “Oh, like Luke!”

Brianna: “Sounds like Sam, that smart unidentified mumbling

Annika: gasp “That’s so cool”

Abigail: “All of the boys in year 13 that have, like, half a brain, (metaphor) they’re all doing like engineering.”

Brianna: “Do you know what Georgia is doing?”

Annika: “Oh guys, this is like two minutes now.”

Abi: “Oh she’s, she’s taking a gap year.”

The End!

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